How To Become a
Child of God

For God.......................So Loved....................The World

God Made Everything--earth, sun, moon and stars. and ALL PEOPLE. He is the King of kings, ultimately Sovereign over the whole universe. God is Three persons:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

What Is One Thing That Makes
God So Special?

The ruler wider than planet earth (across the globe to the left, above) stands for how much God loves us. Psalm 103, in the Bible, God's Word says: "As FAR AS THE EAST IS FROM THE WEST..." so great is Jesus' love and forgiveness for us! That is GREAT NEWS! God's love is so big that it is beyond being measured. Jesus (the Christ & Messiah, our Saviour), is God the Son. Jesus was sent by His Father, Father God, to do something no one else could do. Jesus took on the form of a human being and showed us in person how much God wants to reach us with his love.

Who Does God Love So Much?

The world means people. We are very special to God because He gave us a spirit & soul (the real us inside) which will live forever. Even after each person's body dies, the real person INSIDE will live on forever. However, we all have a problem that the Bible calls sin (sin means to "miss the mark" or fall short of who we were meant to be). We have all disobeyed God's rules--lying, cheating, stealing, disobeying parents, not loving God, His Word or other people.

We have all sinned.
Romans 3:23

What Must God Do About Sin?

That He Gave........His One and Only Son.........That Whoever

God wants to give us a very special gift. You cannot buy or earn it. Or try to be good enough to get it. It is a GIFT. "For the wages of sin is eternal separation (from God & Heaven), but the FREE GIFT of God is eternal life IN JESUS our Lord." (Rom. 6:23) When God offers us this gift, we can say "yes" or "no" to it. Jesus is God's gift to us. Jesus wants to give us eternal life, forgiveness of sins, a home in heaven, and His Holy Spirit to be with us forever. That's why Jesus came, so that we could be with God the Father, in Heaven, forever.

How can Jesus Give Us All This?

Jesus is God's only Son. He died on a cross for our sins. Dying this way was a punishment usually only for the very worst criminals. But Jesus had never done anything wrong. While hanging on the cross, God the Father placed all of the punishment and penalty for our sin on Jesus. Jesus suffered and was punished for us. Jesus died that way on the cross, but three days later came back to life again!

I Peter 2: 24

Why Did Jesus Die on the cross for our sins?

So that anybody who believes, any kind of person -- whether they seem better or worse, older or younger, red, yellow, black, white, rich or poor --anyone who believes can receive God's gift.

Does That Mean You too?

Believes in Him......Shall Not Perish......But Have Eternal Life

With your heart each person needs to receive God's gift personally. The Bible uses the word, "saved," to describe those who are rescued by Jesus from hell, the ultimate punishment, deserved by anyone who has sinned. Hell is not just for really bad people. It is for anyone, even people we think are "good." Because the Bible says that "ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23 And "no one is (really) good (enough, way deep down), no one except God Himself." The death of Jesus, then, was the punishment we deserve. But when we believe in Jesus, He forgives our sins and He is able to give us new lives. From then on, Jesus calls us children of God. That, the Bible says, is like being "born again." John 3 This time though, our Father is not on earth but in Heaven. Now that is great news!

John 1:12
Romans 10:9

What Happens To Those Who Do not want to Trust Jesus To Save Them?

Separation from God forever in a place called Hell.

John 3:36
Luke 16:23, 26

What Does Jesus Give To Those Who Do Trust Him To Save Them?

Eternal life means knowing God personally. God is both your Father & your Friend. He is also to obeyed like your Boss. The only difference between God and earthly bosses is that God is always right and always has your best in mind. So it always makes the best sense to do what God says. 'Cause God knows everything. And He always knows what's best.

Once we receive eternal life as a gift from Jesus, God said He will always be with us and someday will take us to be with Him in His heavenly home.

Do You Know For Sure today that You Have Eternal Life?

"Dear Jesus, I may have made the mistake sometimes of thinking myself a pretty good person, but now I know everyone needs Your forgiveness. I know that I am a sinner and cannot save myself or do anything to earn a home in Heaven. I believe You are the Son of God, and that You died on the cross for MY sins. I believe You rose again from the dead for ME. Right now, the best I know how, I tell You I am sorry for my sins. I ask You to forgive all the wrong things I have done (or even thought about) in my life. Please come into my heart and life today and be my Savior & Lord. Jesus, help me to seek You and know You. I know You are worth more than anything in this whole world! Help me to follow You faithfully all the days of my life. Father God, please send Your Holy Spirit into my life to open up the pages of the Bible to my understanding. I want to read the Bible every day so I might learn how wonderful You are and grow to live as a Christian is meant to. A Christian is someone Who is related to You and I want to be in the eternal family of Jesus Christ! Please send Your Holy Spirit to live within me and teach me and help me every day. I want to spend forever with you, Jesus. I believe you are God, the Christ, the Everlasting Prince of Peace, the Messiah, my Saviour. Jesus, I know that your Father is the true Lord over all. Jesus, help me to know You. I want to be with You, forever.

I pray these things to you now, in Your Name Jesus, the Name of God, Amen."


God is Someone Who can be your Friend for Life!


John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son (Jesus)
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!"


See the Bible, life's Perfect GuideBook, to discover more of the wonderful details!

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How to become a child of God





"I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and men" -- Acts 24:16

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Though the above message was originally worded so as to explain the gospel clearly to children, it is a paradox that all adults need to embrace the very same, simple message and live by it. Indeed Jesus said, that if we "do not change and become like children...(we) will never enter the kingdom of Heaven."
Adults can become children again, children of God, by learning to call God their Father.
John 1:12

Whatever our age, we can find eternal life by trusting and obeying the Lord and His Word, the Bible, with all our hearts.
The Bible is true cover to cover and worthy of first place in our day!


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