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Discover clues, hints & secrets to get your life on target - successfully seek & find God
Discover God's love, kindness & goodness.  Know the Creator personally for yourself.  Enter in to real hope & acceptance, true forgiveness & a blessed new start.

Come out of earth's fog of spiritual uncertainties into the realm of personal knowing
And discover God as the One Who LOVES & CREATED you.
Understand personal mysteries about heaven & get on a sweet & better pathway
Discover Heaven yourself!  

Awaken to new spiritual discoveries which make life more exciting.  Plug into new hope & recharge your pathway with purpose.
Find a divine pathway toward experiencing miracles, signs & wonders. 

Discover secrets about knowing God personally & intimately, one on one, heart to heart. 
Meet people who personally know & experience God.  Read about others' personal encounters with God & find your own welcome entry into God's intimate Presence. 
All over the world, people are entering into new levels of real spiritual awareness, higher heights & deeper depths. 
Many miss it (for lack of seeking).  But you are different. 

It is time to...

Move further along into your own lifechanging encounter with God

Let your new journey begin...

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International spiritual discovery library

Table of contents
Please feel free to link to this site or any of its messages or print out and distribute copies of messages freely with others. Pass it on! Matthew 10:8

Run the race to heaven!  Keep the faith!Music & Song links

Play song Medley: There is a Plan & a Purpose in the Heart of God for you!

Listen "live" to songs of Throneroom Worship!  (Isaiah 6:1-8 tells the inside scoop.)

Listen to song of "You will wear my Crown!"

Hear the Beloved Suite via Internet streaming Real Audio

Find the "Pathway to God!" To hear streaming music singing "the Pathway to God" click here!

Hear "Let us be Friends" streaming acoustic guitar song

Streaming acoustic guitar: the "Treasure Song!"

Click to hear the "Tender One upon the Vine" Song (piano/vocal)!

Play "Heaven I Give my Heart!" Song


About a musician

A spiritual musician's real life testimony

Hints on being a true worshipper, finding spiritual freedom through music & song


Please feel free to link to this site or any of its messages or print out and make copies of messages to share freely with others. Pass it on! Matthew 10:8

God's love!
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son (Jesus)
whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!" -
John 3:16
What is Heaven like? Who will go there? How can I be sure?
A spiritual note...
All of us need to know Jesus. Life is short. Death is real. And ALL of us will live forever (heaven or hell). Though some mock and scoff, the truth is still true. HEAVEN & HELL are real, eternal places. Life here is only worth living with the peace and blessing of God in the center of each day. I encourage you to come find peace, life and truth by knowing Jesus, the Lord our Salvation! Please get a hold of a Bible and pray! Seek the Lord while He may be found. Life is short. The time is now. Ask the Lord to show His salvation to you, to reveal His love and bring His reality to you. He will! God created you and knows you best of all. He loves you. Also see: Jeremiah 33:3 & Romans 10:17 - brother Jeff

Table of contents: Spiritual

Run the race to heaven!  Keep the faith!

Your own personal glimpse of Heaven...

What is Heaven like? Who will go there? How can I be sure?

I dreamed about Heaven...

That which is eternal (how to lead a productive life here on earth)

Find Heaven & Salvation through Jesus!

How to find Peace with God
Jesus is the Salvation of God, the One Way to Heaven for all mankind! John 14:6

Jesus, the Forgiveness of sins!  (listen in Real Player Audio)
"Jesus, Our City of Refuge!" an uplifting, comforting prophetic declaration.   Rest your burdens on Jesus!  This short & powerful stirring audio message will pour into you a fresh glimpse of Heaven's amazing forgiveness! God's mercy & the cross & Blood of Jesus will deliver you! For those who need fresh assurance.

I was Searching: Jeff's personal experience finding Jesus as Salvation!

How to become a child of God


Bible links: read & enjoy the Bible ONLINE!
See the Bible, life's Perfect GuideBook, to discover lots of wonderful truths to live by!
If you want to know more about assuring yourself an eternal home in heaven
or how to KNOW GOD PERSONALLY you can read or listen to the Bible
right now, right here on your computer, by simply clicking the link below...
View or listen to the Bible...

Get FREE stuff, a free Bible or free music CD

Encouragement Online, a free hotline to words which will boost your soul & lift your spirit!


Please feel free to link to this site or any of its messages or print out and make copies of messages to share freely with others. Pass it on! Matthew 10:8 

Table of contents: Deeper Spiritual Growth

Run the race to heaven!  Keep the faith!


For wonderful messages on how your life can grow & glorify God...
Find out more about growing spiritually,
Advance & increase your personal spiritual experience
Discover Keys to God's best, abundant, supernatural Life! John 10:10

Communion with God

CLOSE CALL!!! Finding life, close to Jesus...

Communion with the Living God!

Deeper communion with God through worship, music & song


Supernatural encounters: Live, real & personal!

DIVINE HEALTH: Jesus, the key to Healing & Supernatural DELIVERANCE!

Supernatural experiences of SEEING JESUS!  Read numerous firsthand accounts.
These are college educated men (a lawyer, a businessman & a professional journalist). Each SAW JESUS face to face! (Also click here for similar true life accounts from others.)


Growing in the Holy Spirit

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit! Be Filled with the Holy Spirit!


Why Speaking in Tongues is Awesome, Wonderful and Good!


Encouragement & Assurance

God is able to Keep you! (especially for those under life's burdens, doubts, worries or fears)


Understanding & overcoming a sinful world
(why do we live in a world where bad things happen?)

The Story of my your life  (Genesis 2-6)

A gripping prophetic message about the future of America!


Marriage: according to God's Word

Marriage: the one for life


Please feel free to link to this site or any of its messages or print out and make copies of messages to share freely with others. Pass it on! Matthew 10:8
Note: This library does NOT include info about spiritual theories or ceremonial practices.  No theoretical content, only discoveries about personal spiritual reality.  Truly knowing God is the focus of this library.

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Hear the Beloved Suite
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The Music Project: Songs of God's heart  

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