Spiritual discovery

Spiritual seekers' online journey into clear spiritual insight

Move further into your own lifechanging encounter with God.
Let your new journey begin...

Life's purpose

Living with an eternal perspective
That which is eternal
(Finding a life worth living here on earth)

Communion with God
Communion with the Living God!

CLOSE CALL: Finding life, close to Jesus

Experience deeper communion with God through true worship, spiritual music & song.
Isaiah 6:1-8 tells the inside scoop.

Hope for tomorrow
God is able to Keep you!

Conquering a sinful world - Why bad things happen?  The story of life (according to Genesis 2-6)

Marriage: according to God's Word 

Marriage: the one for life

Spiritual insights & revelations

What is Heaven like?
Who will go there? How can I be sure?

I dreamed about Heaven

I was Searching
Journeying to Heaven & finding Salvation through Jesus!

How to find Peace with God
Personally experience Jesus as Salvation!
Jesus, the international Saviour, earth's multicultural Teacher, the One Way to Heaven for all mankind   John 14:6

How to become a child of God

Jesus, the Forgiveness of sins!
"Jesus, our City of Refuge!"

The worldwide heart of God

Bible study topics

Supernatural encounters

Divine message to America:
A gripping prophetic message foretelling the future of America!  God speaks to the U.S.

Real divine encounters
Supernatural contemporary experiences of SEEING JESUS! 

Growing in the Holy Spirit
Baptism in the Holy Spirit! Being filled with the Holy Spirit!

Why Speaking in Tongues is Awesome, Wonderful and Good!

DIVINE HEALTH: Jesus, the key to Healing & Supernatural DELIVERANCE!

Children beloved of the Father: A supernatural encounter with God as a baby within the mother's womb!

Spiritual discovery

International spiritual discovery: an online journey into clear spiritual insight

Discover clues, hints & secrets to point your life on target - successfully seek & find God.

Discover Heaven! 

Discover God's love, kindness & goodness. Know earth's eternal Creator personally.

Enter in to real hope & forgiveness.  Find acceptance & enjoy a brand new start.

Come out of earth's fog of spiritual uncertainties & misdirections. Into the realm of personal knowing.  Discover God as the One Who LOVES & CREATED you.

Glimpse personal mysteries about heaven & move your life onto a sweeter & better pathway

Awaken to new spiritual discoveries which make life more exciting. Plug into new hope & recharge your life's pathway with purpose.

Find divine revelation which enables you to  personally experience miracles, signs & wonders. 

Discover secrets about knowing God personally & intimately, one on one, heart to heart. 

Meet people all over the world who personally know & experience God. Breathe in deeply the international revelation of knowing God.  Read others' personal encounters with God & find a welcome path into God's intimate Presence. 

All over the world, people from every tribe, people, language & nation are entering into new levels of true spiritual awareness, higher heights & deeper depths. 

Some miss knowing God (for lack of seeking). But you are different.   Let your journey begin!