To go in-depth on the subject of healing...
Please download & enjoy an encouraging, free, insightful, easy to read book:
Jesus our Healer!

The book is free to download (.pdf) & pass on to others.

The revelations shared in the macindy.com book, Jesus our Healer, comprise about 55 easy to read pages optimized for viewing on smartphones or laptops. 
Jesus our Healer provides tips & insights which help the reader move closer to Jesus & knowing God personally.  Gives a clear roadmap to experience divine healing.   Jesus our Healer  shares some really great insights which can help you personally.  Find divine secrets you never knew which will plug you into a real encounter of salvation, supernatural experience, divine healing & a supernatural walk with God!   Jesus our Healer is well worth the read!   Expect your life to be touched by God's Word & Presence as you prayerfully consider blessed, eternal truths.  - brother Jeff

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God's will is revealed in the Bible.  If we are God's children, then it's clear from scripture that the Lord delights to give us His gifts, rewards & blessings.  And reveal treasured secrets of the kingdom of God with us.  As we love & draw near to the Lord in relationship, the Lord bestows blessing.  God created us from the firstIf we walk with Him, all of our lives, He will be our Protector, Provider, Healer, Deliverer.  Jesus is the Manna sent from Heaven.  Healing is the children's bread.  A gift from God.  By grace.  Jesus saves & heals us through His love.  And calls us to draw near to Him forever as our First Love. 

The Bible highlights promises for us to believe & obey.  God is our Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Physician, our personal & all-sufficient Healer.  The promises of the Bible are intended to guide & impact the lives of those who revere Christ as Lord.  Because of the Lord's great love, we share in a beautiful new covenant with Him. Forever.  Exodus 15:26

Healing & SUPERNATURAL DELIVERANCE are described in Psalm 91, Mark 16:15-20 & throughout Matthew, Mark, Luke, John & Acts in the Bible.

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