Jeff music man testimony

Re: a life of true worship and the Music of Heaven

I wanted to share with you the "Jeff music man testimony."  It is the personal story of how God faithfully revealed Himself to me year after year as a musician and worshipper of Jesus, the WORTHY One. The Lord is my strength and my SONG!
Grace to you In Jesus,


Jeff the music man, a man after God's own heart
I am a musician after the Lord's heart. I desire more than anything else to love God and express it. To humbly seek Him and be found in His Presence, loving Jesus and being touched and comforted by His Presence every day.

I have played musical instruments seriously since a child.  Beginning with violin.  Then at about age 12 picking up saxophone.  Later I learned to play piano & guitar.  Before the new millenium (2000), I had ventured more than 10 years in part time work tuning pianos, teaching piano and guitar lessons. I also made a go at selling musical instruments (guitars, synthesizers, digital pianos) and - for much longer - Apple Macintosh computers. I like to compose and handwrite sheet music. And also devoted some years to offering a service to typeset original compositions as sheet music for other Christian songwriters who write songs.  I specialized some years in building digital audio recording computer workstations (usually custom-configuring Apple Macintosh Tower machines for recording studios & recording musicians). I twice completed college degrees (studying music, radio broadcasting communications, computers, business and teaching - ending up with two bachelors' degrees, one from Ball State and a 2nd from Indiana University. I also completed an Indiana State teacher's license (through IU).

The blend of computers, teaching and music continues in my life to this day.

My primary instruments and musical talents for years included jazz saxophone, piano, guitar, singing and songwriting. To worship Jesus in music and song over the years has been one of the greatest privileges of life. Music is a primary way I express love for God and share Jesus with others. Playing music remains one of my favorite things to enjoy. And God keeps giving me new songs. The Lord never seems to run out of musical ideas. Most of the songs come on the wings of a spiritual revelation.

I spent many years growing as a Christian musician and worshipper of God. Music became all about God for me when I found the Lord's reality touching my life as a very young Christian.  From those years on, I became a full fledged worshipper, Psalm-writer and full-time Bible ponderer.  Spiritual music & the Bible became my favorite things.

The Lord has been so incredibly gracious to me all through the years.  Year after year to pour out to me His life & revelation in song. I haven't known a day hardly in more than 20 years when Spirit-touched song was not present flowing in my heart to encourage, comfort and give life. Many of the compositions are new musical creations, original songs given by the Lord to reveal His Presence and truth. To sing His Word into a world which so desperately needs Jesus. I often record new songs and give them out freely to others when opportunity permits.

I've learned that worship is fixing our eyes on Jesus, then beholding and loving Him. It is so blessed just to worship the Lord for Who He is. The minutes and hours can make you lose sight of what planet you're on if you spend time seeking the Lord within His courts! Psalm 84

God has helped teach and mold me into a true hearted disciple by using both scripture and songs all these years to proclaim His truth to me. God has generously and wonderfully given hundreds of songs to me over the years. Many of these served a great help to train my heart in knowing His Word, and to lead me into a life of worship and ministry to others. It has been such a help to know that if we simply draw near to God each moment He will draw near to us. James 4:8  Jesus is there for us every day. If we only seek. He said: "Lo, I am with you always." Matt. 28:20

For years the encouragement and word of the Lord has flowed to me via heavensent music. I would liken this to streams in the desert. I often have such a needy heart.  Then the song of the Lord comes like the Balm of Gilead (Jesus revealed) bringing comfort, truth and healing. The Lord has birthed in me more and more of the gifts of Heaven's song as the years march onward. Jesus Himself is the most beautiful music our ears will ever hear. And every song, rightly sung, should be about Him. Heaven itself is full of the most powerful music man has ever known. Just read the numerous music passages and chapters in the Book of Revelation. Quite an orchesta and chorus of praise! Truly Jesus, in heaven and here, is our strength and song!

I love to sing songs to God and find His comfort and help for each day. The song of the Lord has been my close friend through many times of life's darkest trials.  It is a great joy to sit at the piano or play the guitar and worship the Lord, pray for others, and seek God's face, amidst musical prayer, draw close & enjoy the Lord. Even if I am discouraged or hurting or feeling bored or burdened with life, the throne of God remains my Refuge and Hiding Place! I would recommend seeking God's face to anybody. The only way to enter in is through Jesus, His grace & blood!  Eph. 2:8-9, John 14:6  I sing prayer as much as I speak or talk to the Father. Humble prayer from a believing heart God always hears and answers!

Prayer and prophetic insight and utterance also have come often to me both through scripture and music. I find heaven's revelations provide a great channel of grace and blessing. I have learned over & over through the years to go to the Secret Place (where Jesus is) and there play my instruments and sing my songs for "an audience of One." Nobody else, for that moment, really matters.  It's just you and Jesus. 

I love to pray and listen to God's Word every day and delight to share His Word and song with others! Despite being raised as a child in a family, neighborhood & school environment of confused atheists (numerous agnostics & Christ-rejecters in a straying world).  The Lord Himself entered my life & lifted me above those lies.  The pains & trials of the worlds have deepened my faith.  And the Bible has trained me in a thousand reasons why it's good to seek God & love Jesus. And I want to know Christ more. With all that is within me. Psalm 103 More than anything and anyone, God is WORTHY of our lifelong love and attention. I know it is each Christian's call to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind & strength! And I still want to. More now as the years go by.

A few years ago the Lord gave me a dream. In this sleeping revelation I was sitting at the piano singing and weeping: "The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows." Well this is so true. While all earthly things pale or fade or lose their meaning, Jesus grows sweeter and sweeter!  And His love shines brighter and holds faithful year after year. Jesus is life's Best blessing, our true, strong Foundation, an unchanging Rock, the Sure Place to stand. The best direction is:  Seek Jesus always.

As a musician, I love and play and write only Christian music. I found years ago that 99% of secular music was way too shallow, had little or nothing to say.  In my observation, modern secular musicmakers often riddle their songs with corrupt lyrics and sing rantings as proud, conceited songsters, often uttering unimportant or misdirected things Many songs are too tainted and amiss to be worth anyone's time or attention. To even listen. Believers are supposed to be set apart.  For sacred use.  Devoted to a higher call.  Despite some musicians' great popularity most have little or nothing to say. The Bible says: "It is better to heed a wise man's rebuke than to listen to the songs of fools." We could all benefit by paring down our music interests & listening only to songs which are blessed. Be godly enough to toss out the secular & usher in the heavenly.  So your years can be blessed like mine. a

All these years the gospel has remained the theme of my song. The good news of Jesus' love that transcends knowledge.  Psalm 119 says: "Your Word is the theme of my song wherever I lodge." And so this ever remains true for me. Emmanuel is the theme of my song wherever I lodge. For decades now. I love God's Word. And am still putting scripture to music.  Every time it remains such a thrill! The Word of God is my deepest comfort.  I love to song what God Himself says.  No other book draws my attention and holds my heart like the Bible. Truly the Old & New Testaments are God's Living Word. And each song thrills my heart when I know in the midst of it, I am hearing God's Voice. I love then to sing it out to others. 

The book of Revelation tells our future story, the story of a heavenly wedding, a place of eternal worship, a place where Jesus & our sweet Heavenly Father are forever seen, closely heard, loved & adored!  Well, the song of Heaven will be the ULTIMATE.  And I, forever, want to play & sing His song.

"I could sing of Your Love forever."  And truly, I will.

- brother Jeff

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Isaiah 6:1-8 tells more about the inside scoop on music in the throneroom where true worship takes place.

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