Tongues ("God's Love Language") means: EVERY TRIBE PEOPLE LANGUAGE NATION (the worldwide heart of God). The presence of so many languages all over the world and the supernatural gifts of "tongues" given by the Holy Spirit, each serve as a reminder of God's heart to reach all people. God is a Communicator & He wishes to communicate His Son Jesus in each language, every language, to each municipality & region, worldwide. There is a desire made known by the supernatural Spirit that God is the God of EVERY TRIBE PEOPLE LANGUAGE NATION.

I got saved at a young age.  I personally was saved understanding the gospel & a real Saviour as revealed in the Bible.  This blossomed into a full-hearted discipleship during the years 1979-1982.  Since then the Lord has worked miraculous grace in me. (I was the youngest in my family and also the first to be saved.)  Somewhat of a pioneer amongst my secular peers, family, school buddies & others around me, I had to build a real determination to put aside the errors of the world that I grew up in.  Which stood as an enemy to God, trying to keep me under its influence through those around me.  Youth became my time to stand out & be different in an otherwise heathen, secular and non-spiritual culture & a pagan genealogy. 

In the 1980's, I stepped out of the non-spiritual upbringing common to my immediate generation, school teachers, neighborhood friends & my own spiritually misguided parents.  It was time to look deeper & embrace the truth.  As a youngster, I became a full-hearted disciple & follower of Jesus!  Best thing that ever happened to me! Others around me in my generation (as I had done prior) devoted time & energy in all kinds of erring directions.  Our godless lives sometimes clearly displayed carnality, love of money, prideful, stubborn, sinful behaviors (both hidden & obvious), angry cursing & conflict.  This mostly manifest itself as an inability to have healthy families or relationships.  Strangely, most of us thought our lives were normal.  Others thought we were nice, normal people, who responsibly worked & went to school.  But deep inside something was drastically missing.  In reality, we lived generally self-centered, heathen, secular and non-spiritual days. What we really needed was the Lord & God's help.  It was time to embrace the Biblical revelation.

There were a few bright spots.  My grandmother on the maternal side was actually a real & true Christian.  And there were others in my grandparents' generation & earlier (like great-aunts, great uncles & other relatives 2 or 3 generations back) who knew life from a Christian perspective.  Their lives were more blessed.  And stood for something better.  They lived with a righteous principle.  They were wiser people who understood the Bible & believed in the Lord & knew something about Jesus' amazing kindness & goodness.

After being a believer for a few years, I began to get the notion from the Holy Spirit which showed me that God's heart is BIGGER than me, BIGGER than my neighborhood, BIGGER than my city or country. That GOD HAS A WORLDWIDE HEART & wants a WORLDWIDE FAMILY! Actually, Jesus is keenly interested in EVERY tribe, people, language and nation!

Fast forward to the new milennium.  After the year 2000 passed through, I went to dinner on many occasions with my dad.  My father & I had a good father-son friendship.  Our relationship, despite our great spiritual differences, enjoyed many moments of encouraging togetherness all through my early adult years.  One week, I went to dinner like many times before with my flaming, "stark raving atheist" father (who remained smug in unbelief & boldly would assert rejection of truth, scoffing at God & Christianity, still trapped by 70+ years of a great spiritual hardness). My dad often would curse Jesus in his attitude and wanted nothing to do with Christianity. And he would not hesitate to tell others so.  My dad was adamant in indicting the Bible and Christian faith as "stupid" and "nonsense." Of course, he was wrong, but that was his ATTITUDE. Usually.

So one evening, I sat politely across the dinner table from my dad, conversing (mostly on other subjects) and trying to enjoy the time, though weary from my own day's work. I couldn't help but think (about 10 times during the visit) about how my dad might die soon and (if things don't change) he would surely receive what seemed his determined CHOICE - which included a very fair punishment & eternal flames. What else could await if a person refuses to believe in heaven, the Bible, the cross & salvation through Jesus?  There is a penalty for anyone who does not repent of a lifetime of God-rejecting lies? There is such a need for each person to turn and believe, to embrace God's goodness, forgiveness and mercy.  Thoughts of concern ran through my mind for my dad.  I was truly concerned about my dad.  But I was about to find out that God is deeply concerned about THE WHOLE WORLD.  John 3:16

That night I got a revelation
Toward the end of the evening I stood alone for a couple minutes in the cafeteria lobby while waiting for my dad to get ready to leave. Just then a young Spanish woman got onto the pay phone and began chattering as fast and hard in Spanish as you've ever heard in your life (faster than a speeding bullet). I couldn't understand a word! But it all clearly meant SOMETHING. I listened to her whole conversation standing nearby. Her Spanish words flew through the air filled with emotion. Some points were being emphatically made! Fervently.

After a minute or so her first phone conversation ended. Then she placed another coin in the pay phone. Someone else answered. She calmly and quietly began speaking to the 2nd person in a slow, easy American English. I understood every word (but it hardly seemed like the same person speaking). Yet this was the very same Spanish woman doing the talking who had just been chattering away a mile a minute in unintelligible Spanish a few moments before. 

The obvious fact I was observing here is this: in order for this young woman to communicate to different people, there was need to use a variety of different languages. Her second phone conversation was fully English.

As I stood there pondering this, I sensed the Lord Himself beginning to open my eyes to understand a spiritual mystery. About languages. The Father pointed out to me that SPEAKING IN TONGUES (as given by the Spirit of God) is a spiritual gift (i.e. Acts 2:4, 19:6).  Suddenly I realized the implications.  "Tongues" is a revelation of the ALL-NATIONALITY heart of God!  His focused desire to reach & know ALL people EVERYWHERE!

Though I had never thought of languages this way, I suddenly realized that praying, worshipping God or communicating the gospel (whether naturally or supernaturally) can, likewise, be done in other languages (i.e. Acts 2, 1 Cor. 14, Jude 20).  Praying in tongues has always been meant of God as a quiet, daily reminder about some things.  One is that Jesus desires to have a prayer closeness with us.  And to speak & sing through us, utilizing our availability as a communication channel.  Tongues also means that God wants to seek and save EVERY tribe, people, LANGUAGE and nation. Amazing grace!  Extended to all people.

No wonder the devil fights against "tongues" as a gift, tries to contradict it in spiritual circles.   Tries to leave people ignorant.  Or misdirect even well-meaning Christians to think that tongues or other supernatural gifts might be gone (or historical). Nothing could be further from the truth. Deceptive thoughts and reasonings from satan & spiritual sources of misguidance seek to persuade even good Christian folks to form doctrines against the God who communicates & knows plural languages. Could this be another  clue that the devil hates the saving power of Jesus?  It's true that speaking in tongues (as a prayer, proclamation & song gift to believing Christians) has NOTHING to do with qualifying one for being saved. Yet, tongues is still a gift (a means to communicate) which Jesus often gives & LIKES.  It is available (according to Christ, in Mark 16:15-20) to any who will believe, ask, want or desire.  Simply receive. See: James 1:16-17.

Tongues (praying to Jesus by the Spirit in a language beyond any you have mentally learned) has EVERYTHING to do with an international sign that Jesus desires ALL NATIONS AND LANGUAGES to come to His wedding!
Just like the day of Pentecost (Acts 2), God's heart yearns that MORE THAN ONE culture and people be beckoned to COME TO THE LAMB!

For all I know that Spanish woman talking 70 MPH on the cafeteria pay phone may have been talking to her Spanish husband. Her bridegroom on the other end of the phone understood EVERY Spanish word! It wasn't meant for me to know her private communication to her husband. Her words were only for her husband. Worship and prayer in other languages, like this, is also usually a private conversation between you and Jesus! The Bride, the Spirit and the Bridegroom. The Spanish woman in the cafeteria was uttering "mysteries" (as far as I was concerned). I had no clue what she was saying. But every thought and feeling of hers was plain and open before the one for whom her words were intended! Worshipping Jesus in another language as given by the Spirit is JUST LIKE THAT!  

No, tongues doesn't have anything to do with being saved. But after you are saved, it sure is a great way to pour out your spirit and heart to the One Who loves you most! Psalm 62 has been a favorite Psalm of mine for years. There it tells us of the great privilege we have to POUR OUT OUR HEART to the Lord. What great catharsis! None better channel of blessing known to man! Communication though goes beyond words: it is feelings, emotions expressed, sounds, sighs, even tears. And when you run out of English, there ARE other languages in the world. And GOD, the Spirit, KNOWS THEM ALL! Where English, ends, tongues begins.

Now, no I don't go around speaking in tongues to the checkout girl at McDonalds. Why? She doesn't know the language. Besides freaking everybody out, it would serve no point. Languages are to communicate. The primary description of tongues given in 1 Cor. 12 & 14 & Acts 10:44-48 is that of intimate communication "quietly to yourself and God." It is an intimate bedchamber language, yet one more blessed way to communicate to the Lord of Heaven, a channel of understanding and connection between bride and BrideGroom. 

Jesus wants to hear from His kids. Pick any language you wish. But TALK TO GOD!

For years, I've watched on with great dismay as a number of brothers and sisters seem to speak against the Bible and resist God's Spirit. I hear them mistrust, accuse and disallow even legitimate, contemporary and wonderful, miraculous workings of God. They want to outlaw the supernatural - even in the lives of others. What kind of encouragement is that?!???

Seeming bent on doctrines of accusing mistrust, I have good friends (who though born again) almost seem to want to accuse Jesus of no longer giving good gifts. And when Jesus goes ahead and keeps giving gifts anyway, some dear ones say that prophecy or healing or tongues or other miracles God is doing are actually tricks, Beelzebub masquerading as Jesus. After 22 years of studying the Bible though I'm not sure you can rightly call tongues or other (obviously Biblical) workings of God's Spirit evil. I mean you can do it, but in the process, you are grieving Someone. I would rather not reject the Lord's gifts. "Every gift of God is GOOD & PERFECT." People are flawed but God's gifts are all good. James 1:16-17

Instead of picking and choosing gifts (as if we were God or in charge of Christmas), I've always felt God's Word was to be our guide. Everything in the Bible is still on the menu. The Father will choose what is best for you. And sometimes He will wait and let you pick yourself. Jesus taught that we are like sons who are free to ASK of a loving, generous Heavenly Father, Who delights to give and hear our cries. Do you lack a gift? Simply ask.

Forget all the controversies & simply be encouraged.  Step beyond denominations, sects & doctrines & set aside man's religious confusion or controversy.  I just have the notion that God's word is the right source.  "To the law & to the prophets.  If they do not speak according to this Word, they have no light of dawn."  The scriptures are clear on gifts. And actually God's gifts are good.  James 1:16-17   All of them.  Divine gifts flow forth from above.  From a Gift-giver Who Himself is unchanging.  Malachi 3:6  And, likewise, the kinds of gifts He gives also will never change.  I personally have learned that God, the never changing gift giver, is generous in His outpourings & provision!

Tongues specifically, the Bible tells us, can often be bestowed as a means of private language between the bride and the Bridegroom. I personally have a LOT to say to my wife!  I LOVE HER LIKE A FANATIC!  We have a great marriage.  Talking to God, at times, is supposed to be like having a private conversation with your wife in the bedroom, probably with the door closed and no one else around. Or an intimate dinner conversation.  In a quiet corner.  With flowers & candlelight.  And no waiter or cashier eavesdropping.  There are things said between two in love that NO ONE ELSE understands.  Or needs to hear. Both prayer & marriage are many times meant to be this way.

Tongues is given as a Holy Spirit generated language which the believer taps into to talk and sing intimate words to his true Beloved. Jesus understands & ENJOYS every word. Others don't have to know what's going on.  Or what's being said.  When I talk to my wife & share my emotions with her our HEARTS ARE CONNECTING.  It's not just words.  The intention of love is FAR MORE. 

Spiritual languages ("tongues") take all this one step farther.  In the mysteries of God, even the person speaking in a "tongue" (a Holy Spirit given spiritual language for prayer or worship) does not really need to understand himself what he says.  What needs to transpire is a CONNECTION & a POURING OUT of one's heart.  The understanding is only needed on the other end.  Most such moments the channel of language is God the Spirit interceding through the believer heart to heart with Jesus, before the throne of the Lamb. Absent of the limitations or interference the human mind could pose.

Speaking in tongues is GREAT!  I'd recommend this freedom, blessing & joy to ANY BELIEVER.

In a good marriage, there is a holiness to privacy.  Bedroom intimacy between wife & husband is not intended for others to know about or eavesdrop on.   So with Christ & His bride.  The Holy Spirit gives believers intimate languages and ways to communicate with God (tongues is one of those blessed ways).  Music, song, the praying of scripture in an understood language, pouring out ones' feelings with words and songs and tears, surrendering one's heart on the wings of music - these are all good ways to talk to God. Yet tongues has an additional special quality.  Tongues is truly a love language for God and God alone. No one else nearby should attempt to interrupt or profane the beautiful conversation. 

There are a thousand ways to say:  "I love you!"  Tongues is one of them.

There is also a second, different intended use the Heavenly Bridegroom has for tongues.  Those are moments (like in a believers' assembly or in evangelism), when the Holy Spirit desires to reveal God's heart in speaking to OTHERS.  And He may do it through a foreign expression of language. This is to proclaim the gospel or somehow (as a sign) to reveal Jesus to others. One way is if the Holy Spirit provides a communication & then gives a supernaturally revealed, understood interpretation following. See this explained in 1 Cor. 14.  Or in Acts 2.  Sometimes, like Acts 2, no interpretation is needed, because the language is foreign to the SPEAKER, but fully understood by the listeners!  How can this happen.  Simply because GOD LOVES EVERYONE!  And God knows ALL languages worldwide.  Jesus died on the cross for all people! EVERY TRIBE PEOPLE LANGUAGE NATION! 

The ways & workings of God seek to remind us that God is the God of EVERY TRIBE PEOPLE LANGUAGE NATION!

Privately understood words in a foreign language ("tongues") can be especially intimate (kind of like sending and receiving an encrypted email or a sealed enveloped.  Inside is a message of love by someone you dearly love. Just imagine the thrill and joy a sweet message brings when opened and received by your wife on the day of your wedding or anniversary. Or an ordinary day when you just want to communicate how you really feel.  Worshipping Jesus in any of a thousand languages opens the repertoire WIDE OPEN.  God is beautiful in ways like that.  Tongues, right understood, and humbly, lovingly spoken, can be WORSHIP TO Christ's EARS. You are spiritually saying: "I love you God!" And tongues can be more private than other communications. 

Heavenly languages excel in sending a message of love, perhaps in special veiled words, secretly given, each syllable begins to say: "Jesus, I love You. This message is from my heart, FOR YOUR EARS ONLY."

Did you ever notice how little children delight in telling and keeping secrets?  That's one reason tongues is so great.  Scripture says (Deut. 29) that "the secret things belong to the Lord, but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever." Hallelujah!

Speaking in tongues is a great way to say: "Merry Christmas!" 
To celebrate Jesus, worshipping Christ our Saviour, the One we love, adoring Him (like the Magi) with GIFTS!

Given all this love & divine, sweet communication, I've often baffled at those who feel a need to rage or scoff, or be afraid of anything supernatural.  Some even preach with a fuming mistrust toward (any) of the gifts of God. Instead, the Bible commands us to ENCOURAGE spiritual gifts. 1 Cor. 12-14 And I wonder, don't we realize that ONLY THE GIFTGIVER needs to be in charge of what gifts He chooses to give to His children. At Christmastime, little ones may put in requests (ask for what they want)  And requests may be taken into reasonable consideration. But only the Gift-giver Himself knows what's best.  And God holds the power to give what's needed to each child. Dictating Christmas restrictions to others is not a child's place. Christmas is full of MANY GIFTS & is eternally to be enjoyed by all. The kingdom of God is like that.  There is a reason why Jesus' birth is commemorated along with gifts in a time we all call Christmas (Christ sent).  The more gifts the BETTER!

Indeed our gifts as believers honor God most when they are truly focused on JESUS, then all the gifts can be shared to bless everyone. Just as the Magi brought their gifts humbly and bestowed them in worship before the newborn King, so every Christian is to offer gifts and talents to honor and glorify God! 1 Cor. 10:31  Heaven's gift-giving flows TWO ways.

I recently saw a great irony in some of my fellow "evangelicals." Over the years, I have known some such dear friends who somehow wished to declare our need to embrace evangelism and the forgiveness of Jesus (true, a thousand times true), yet they also wanted to make sure we reject tongues (and other gifts and workings of God established by the same scriptures and Spirit). To the honest reading of the Bible, such contradictions can not hold very long.

What would be say of anyone who wishes to interfere with the Christmas celebration of the Messiah or His joyous sharing of gifts! 1 Cor. 12  Rejection of spiritual gifts or forbidding others any of Christ's gifts or blessings is a really bad way to SCROOGE up the Church.  Bah. Humbug! (God we refuse your gifts.  Return to sender.) 

Instead of being spiritual scrooges, we need to welcome the gifts and workings of God, receiving & sharing them, all for God's glory. Test and discern what's real & right, yes. But hold to the scriptures as the guide.  ENCOURAGE Jesus, encourage spiritual GIFTS, encourage the seeking of God. Remember James 1:16-17, that all good gifts come from God.  And the gifts are given to REVEAL Jesus. John 1:29  Like the magi, worship Christ is the Lamb, the One from Whom heaven's beauty flows.


After finishing dinner with my dad that night, standing by the cafeteria payphone, I was captivated listening to the empassioned Spanish communication pouring forth from that woman in the lobby. Though I don't understand a bit of Spanish, I got the message!  I realized that we are to embrace heaven's love language of "speaking in tongues."  And just know it's one more needed, blessed and wonderful way to communicate with our loving Father. Tongues is a communication channel (like a wifi connected laptop or smartphone).  The signal goes out (though most people could not explain the technical methods of how wifi signals or cellphones work).  That secret, unknown channel is an avenue for praying and worshipping by the Spirit. The believer worships God & says Jesus is Lord, then declares fresh & fervent love for God.  The whole text message says: "I focus all my love on you. I give you the worship & passion of my heart."  Tongues also helps us yield a most unruly member (what James says about the tongue) to the Spirit of the Lord. 

In love with Jesus, believers' hearts wonder & worship.  No wonder the new testament encourages the availability of all God's gifts.  Declaring these the same yesterday, today & forever.  Hebrews 13:8  And encouraging these as greatly needed all the way up 'til we see Jesus face to face (at His Second Coming). 1 Cor. 13  

So receive all the gifts. The gifts come from above, from One Who changes not. Malachi 3:6  "Do not be deceived, my dear brothers." James 1:16-18  

There is more to come.

Tongues (for the everyday Christian) can be a quiet, blessed, daily reminder that God is the God of all languages. Even languages we don't understand. Jesus is Lord of peoples FOREIGN to us. But dear to God.  The Lord loves those whose ways are foreign.  Though their tongue may be foreign, their culture & practices different. God desires to communicate to ALL PEOPLE.  Through Jesus.  Through the cross.  One way to heaven.  John 14:6  Jesus died on the cross for every tribe, people, language, nation to come near!  

Foreign languages from the Spirit provide a means for hearts to call out, deep unto deep (Psalm 42), thirsting for God, worshipping Christ's Name, proclaiming the worldwide nature of God to all peoples.

Whether you're standing at a phone booth listening to a woman rattle away Spanish at blazing speed, or whether you're a Christian who hears the Holy Spirit emanate a foreign language from your own lips? You are having an experience that is getting you in touch with the heart of God.  When you let the Holy Spirit flow words or songs of praise and intercession from your own lips, what does it mean? By the Spirit's help, you worship Jesus in a language you never learned in the classroom, you declare the praises of Jesus, the Lamb, as our salvation!

Romans 8

25 If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,[j] who[k] have been called according to his purpose. 29 For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness & image of his Son.


Jesus died for our sins.  Christ is Lord.  Jesus, above all, is the God of EVERY tribe, people, language & nation.

Tongues is a great way the Holy Spirit challenges our boundaries and prejudices.  God Himself makes a statement & bursts out, beyond our doctrines and forbiddances. Ignoring our comfort zone, the Lord makes clear we (especially our brains & intellect) are NOT in control.  Jesus is Lord.  And does whatever He wishes.  No one tells the King what to do.  Gifts, signs, miracles, healing, tongues & heaven's wonders are a divine way of God saying: I want to move beyond what you can do.  I will transcend what you can figure out with your brain.  I am not limited to your words or vocabulary.  I want to transcend your studies & academic achievement.  Jesus Himself is the Word Who speaks.  Saying:  "I am God.  The God of ALL peoples." 

John 3:16
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

God's heart is to save people of every race & location.  Supernatural languages also can be the Holy Spirit's way of defying our nationalism & patriotism & humbling our soul's prejudice.  The Holy Spirit wants us to exit national pride and ethnic feeling. Heaven intends to become our preferred citizenship.  The walls of pride get blow down when Heaven's Language steps in & speaks.

Beyond borders of racism & cultural bias, we stand with people of every nation, waiting to hear the words of the Prince of Peace. The utterance proclaims: "Go ye into ALL THE WORLD and preach the gospel to every person, every child, every language under the Son. Forbid no one. Hinder no one. Invite all to come. The Wedding Supper of the King is long prepared. All languages, cultures and races are welcome & invited present.  Today, end your biases.  Drop your rejection of others based on skin color, personal interest, race or language."

"You who are weary, come to Me. You who have no money, come buy and eat. The wedding supper is prepared. And the throne of your Father will be heard. He calls out to each tribe, in EVERY TONGUE, to every people, language and nation. The chosen of the Lord shall arise & come.  And Jesus will be enthroned above the nations, Lord over all. Receive the gifts of God and quench not the Spirit. Arise, My beloved. Come away with Me!"

Hearts that are hungry will hear, follow & listen.

"God's Love Language" (each of heaven's methods to share, connect & communicate) mean: The Lord loves EVERY TRIBE PEOPLE LANGUAGE NATION!  Tongues is a sign of the worldwide heart of God, a reminder of God's heart desiring to reach people everywhere.  Tongues stands forever as one of the Holy Spirit's ways to communicate Jesus.  Broadcasting His message to every language, bringing salvation to each municipality & region on earth.  The gospel is intended for widespread, worldwide evangelism.  The message God wishes to speak is forever spoken by a supernatural Spirit.   And Jesus Himself is the Word made flesh.  John 1

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

These thoughts & Biblical exhortations contributed by brother Jeff (ENCOURAGEMENT ONLINE™ aka 2¢ Worth Writing Ministries™)

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