IMAC UPDATE (mid-2000)

In May 1998, Apple introduced the iMac. IMac (Internet Mac) began shipping in August 1998. As of May 2000, in less than two years, Apple sold almost three and a half million iMacs to customers all over the world. The Imac leads the pack for all computer manufacturers in sales, in the United States, Japan and numerous other countries.

Who's buying iMacs?
According to the research, 28% of iMac customers are first time computer buyers (meaning they've never owned a computer before), 17% are "Wintel" switchers (people switching from IBM-compatibles to the friendlier, more reliable Macintosh hardware). The other 55% of iMac customers are previous Macintosh owners.

Basically, everybody who buys the Imac, LIKES it and keeps it, in fact - falls in love with it. So only sells NEW Imacs. For to have an Imac is to LOVE the Imac.

Macintosh is still the world's easiest to use, most fun, and - by far - most reliable (longterm dependable) computer. To have one is to love one!


Apple's sterling 99 financial results:        
Dec. 1999 written by Dan Knight @ LEM    (edited & abbreviated by

Apple released their 1999 10-K form, which provides an overview of
the past fiscal year (9/26/98 to 9/25/99). 1999 was a very impressive year in Apple's long-sustained dramatic (and now permanent-looking) comeback.

Computer Sales Up 25%
In 1997, Apple sold 2,874,000 Macs. Last year (1998), that dropped 4% to 2,763,000. But for fiscal 1999 (9/26/98 to 9/25/99),
Apple sales boosted an impressive 25% to 3,448,000 computers sold

Here's a quick breakdown:
------- ------- ------- ------- -------
Power Macintosh unit sales..
1999 sold: 1,296 ,000  (up 2 % from 1998),
1998 sold: 1,266,000  (up 29% from 1997),
1997 sold: 981,000

PowerBook & iBook unit sales........
1999 sold: 350,000

iMac unit sales(a)..........
1999 sold: 1,802,000  (up 68% from 1998),
1998 sold: 1,070,000
----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Macintosh Total for 1999: 3,448,000 computers sold.

Undoubtedly, some of this was due to the iMac, which dominated the
consumer PC market (not just the Mac OS market) as one of the top
selling models month after month.
The iMac, which first shipped only
45 days before the end of FY98, was the catalyst for a 68% increase
in consumer Mac sales over the past year

Apple has made an impressive comeback by selling 25% more computers than the previous year.

Net Income Up
More telling yet, in FY97 Apple managed to lose over $1 billion, then
eked out a decent $309 million profit in 1998. Thanks to the
profitable iMac, outsourcing a lot of production, keeping inventory
very low, and profits from The Apple Store, Apple nearly doubled profit
in FY99, turning a tidy $601 million profit

On top of that, Apple increased gross margin to 29% in the last
quarter, an increase over the 28% average for the year, which was a
strong improvement over the 25% gross margin in FY98.

Apple is headed full speed to a strong and permanent comeback.


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