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The message, "Last call America," is one the Lord spoke to my heart personally one day in August 1996. For these times in which we live! The message title long preceded another use later of the same title by a well known Christian minister & author. This preacher distributed a book a year or two after this prophecy also utilizing the title: "Last call America." Nevertheless, "Last call America," the prophecy's title, was original, from the Holy Spirit, along with this message at a much earlier time.

Feel free to copy & distribute this prophetic word any way you want. As long as you do it for free. On paper or over the internet (or by any other appropriate means). Just credit the Lord (if you feel its message is valid, agrees with the Bible and the Spirit and heart of God). Isaiah 8:20, 2 Tim. 3:16-17 Please place a courtesy mention to the web link on any media upon which you reprint any MacIndy materials.

I am definitely not interested in my name being published or credited (by anyone anywhere). That is not the purpose. It might be useful for some to be able to reference this website for the origin of the prophetic word, or to obtain other helpful Christian materials. I know the Lord picks particular servants to reveal and bring certain messages for certain hours and peoples. Yet Jesus holds the One Name ABOVE all names! May God alone be honored and obeyed.

Please feel free to add "Last call America" as a "hotspot" hyperlink from any web pages or internet directories which seem appropriate. Please place a courtesy mention to the web link on any website.

To access "Last call America" see:

"Last call America" is to be shared freely for the Lord's purpose to benefit people. In a country and church (and my own heart) which desperately need to repent and turn full hearted back to faith and obedience to God! His truth and reality is worthy of our whole hearts! In a world which hates and shuns Him (or denies His very existence), Jesus is REAL. And WORTHY is the Lamb! Revelation 5 Choose this day whom you will serve!

Obviously none of the messages the Lord gives should be sold (by anyone) for financial profit nor presented for purposes of human pride. "Freely you have received, freely give." Matt. 10:8 Please use any of the MacIndy messages as tools to share or minister (freely using any materials I've published) as the Spirit leads you. Jesus is Lord!

God bless you.

In Jesus,
brother Jeff


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For more information please contact: Jeff
If for some reason you need to contact me, my contact info can be found on FreeStuf.htm

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>I was curious if the Lord spoke the "View a gripping prophetic message about

>the future of America!" message to your heart or if you heard it from

>another source? Also what sort of copyright do you place on it? Can I

>refer to it in hyperlinks, pass it on...etc.... Much thanks

>Terry P

Thanks Terry for your note. I assumed others would have the same question. God bless you.

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